Womplay reward you with cryptocurrency for playing games that they are affiliated with. There's a large selection of mobile games, desktop games and browser-based games to choose from, including many well-known titles. In most cases you earn Wombucks for installing or signing up to the game, and then you earn more as you reach certain milestones within the game. Wombucks can then be traded in for a portion of the company's crypto mining revenue, which is paid out weekly in the user's choice of pBTC, EOS, MATIC or WOMBAT. Signing up via one of our links to Womplay will mean that WyeSoft will earn commission whenever you earn Wombucks by playing a game.

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PI Coin is a cryptocurrency that you can earn through an app on your smartphone. While it's referred to as mining, the actual mining is happening on the developer's systems and your phone isn't actually doing any work, so you don't have to worry about it eating up your mobile data or battery life. All you have to do to keep mining is press a button in the app once a day, just to prove you're a real person and not a bot. Signing up via one of our links to PI Coin will increase our mining rate.

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